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Mascots - Make your business come to life

Mascots play a huge part in today's companies, schools and clubs. They are used for promotion, as company identity or as entertainers, enthralling people of all age groups and some even have their own fan clubs. If you want your business to follow this trend, then you have come to the right place. We build high-quality individual mascots to suit your venture.

Mascots - Make your business come to life

1. Balance

Our costumes are usually constructed to have human proportions. Unless the character design asks for something different, our costumes won't have oversized heads or bodies.

2. Comfort

Due to this balance our costumes are very comfy to wear. There are no annoying straps and no padding that could move around. This way the actor can focus solely on his performance.

3. Agile

Due to the balance and the ease of wear, the actors can enjoy total freedom of movement. With our mascots, anything is possible, from simple dances to breathtaking, complex stunts.

4. Unique

A mascot built by Arend Studios ensures you can create unique experiences for your customers. Vivid and lively, dynamic and captivating, just as it should be.

Have we sparked your interest? Excellent. Just let us know how we can make your business come to life and what budget you have available and we can get you a competitive quote within just a few days. It's that easy.

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