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Refurbishments - Arend to the rescue

Our costumes are built to last. Nonetheless, after years of use you might come to the point where, due to wear and tear, it is no longer suitable for performance.

But don't worry, your mascot or fursuit doesn't have to retire just yet. Instead of having to order a completely new costume, we can offer you to either refurbish or modernize your costume, even if it wasn't originally commissioned through us. What counts is that your character lives on, for as long as possible.

Refurbishments - Arend to the rescue

Refurbishments - Arend to the rescue

As good as new

Unsere We carry out all necessary refurbishments to make your costume look as good as new. This includes:

  • Restoration of all worn parts of your costume
  • Technical corrections inside your costume, if required
  • Full replacement of any part of the costume

If you think this service is just what you need for your mascot or fursuit, then don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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