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Storing data for the purpose of improving this website

For the purpose of improving our website, we collect anonymous usage statistics about your visit and the characteristics of your computer or other browsing device using the web analytics software 'Matomo'. This data is stored locally as text files (cookies) on your computer or device and then transferred to our server where the data is anonymized by partially blanking the IP address. This ensures that we cannot link the data gathered to any particular person. We don't share the data gathered with any third parties and don't transfer it to any other analysis services. The data is used to produce statistics of our website that helps us determine which parts of our website are most popular, which language settings our visitors have and what kinds of computer systems they use. This way we can make sure that our website is displayed correctly for most visitors and helps us develop our website and its contents to stay appealing to our visitors.

Opting out of data storage

If you would like to opt out of the storage of your anonymized data, you've the option to either turn off the usage of cookies in your browser or let our software know that you opted out by setting a special cookie. We suggest using the second method since this won't affect other websites.

Set deactivation cookie

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