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Fursuits - Show your true self

Fursuits - Show your true self

Have you always dreamt of creating your personal character? To make him come to life in a way so other people can see him, touch him, interact with him? Here at Arend Studios, we can make your dream come true, and we don't even have magic powers.

When you order your fursuit with us, you will receive a personal, individual service from the first contact all the way until your fursuit is completed. We will keep you up to date, send you images of the progress and will try our very best to incorporate any change requests you may have. Our job doesn't end until you are completely satisfied with your new fursuit.

What we have to offer

  • A unique costume that is tailored to you
  • Optional fans in the fursuit's head to help with ventilation
  • Two- or three-dimensional comic-style eyes
  • Optional padding for a more realistic appearance
  • A tail that's either sewn on or worn separately using a belt
  • Sewn on or detachable hand paws with three, four or five digits
  • Fursuit feet with either realistic soles or more robust, rubber soles
  • Optional claws or paw pads on either hands or feet

What's next?

As you can see, nothing is impossible for us and we hope that we managed to spark your interest. If so, please consider asking us for a no obligation quote. That way you would find out if we can make your dreams come to life and how much it would cost.

I would like to get a quote

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